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Addison Vodka and Amy Gun in Leap Year Birthday Fuck – Family Strokes


Born on the 29th of February, Addison Vodka doesn’t get to throw a birthday party very often. Lucky for her, her stepdad Gi Joey is eager to give her an unforgettable celebration this year. The problem is that Amy, Gun Joey’s wife, is absolutely jealous of her and constantly tries to sabotage the whole party. Aware that her stepmom isn’t fond of her, Addison plots an extra sweet revenge. She has always had a crush on Joey, and now it’s the time to show him her true feelings in the hottest way possible. The mischievous girl rubs her stepdad’s crotch under the table with her foot while blowing the candles, insinuating what she really wants for her birthday. Amy soon storms off, giving Addison the chance to tell her stepdaddy how much she yearns for his luscious cock and how she’d love to get stuffed with it for her birthday. Joey isn’t sure about taking this step with Addison, yet he has also felt something naughty for her since he adopted her. Determined to give his girl everything she wants, Joey pulls down his pants and fills Addison’s mouth with his delectable cock. Addison gags on it while trying to avoid getting noticed by Amy, who’s clearly on to them. Later on, Joey and her stepdaughter secretly meet in her room for him to pack his meat inside Addison’s pussy. As the fuck sesh gets intense, Joey covers her stepdaughter’s mouth while plowing her to avoid getting caught. However, Addison’s muffled moans of pleasure are heard by Amy, who comes into her stepdaughter’s room to see what’s going on. Will Amy find out about her husband’s horny secret?

Date: March 1, 2024