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Adira Allure’s Asshole Shelters A Big One – Black On Blondes


It’s tough running a cat rescue. It truly is a 24 hour a day job. When Adira Allure inherited the business she knew it was going to be quite the responsibility but she had no idea she would have no time for anything else. Delivery man Chocolate God points out to Adira she spends so much time taking care of all these pussies who’s taking care of her pussy? Now that’s a good question. Chocolate shows her he has the answer when he pulls out a massive cock. Adira goes wild like the ravenous babe she is as she gets down and nasty slurping away to quench her ravenous appetite. Her dripping and slopping cunt hole needs that big cock buried balls deep in her and fast. Sliding in faster than a smash and grab at the Topanga Mall, Chocolate soon finds his balls slapping against her dewey moist opening. It’s a cruise down thunder highway as he pulverizes her snapper and gets ready to pry open her spoke wheel. Sliding his monster one eyed orgasm maker into her fudge factory she yelps with delight. Now this is what Adira needs to snap her back alertness – a good hard old fashioning bibilical ass wrecking. Anus a gaping and clit a twitching Adira rides long and hard into that night with that sweet pole up her asshole.

Date: April 13, 2024
Actors: Adira Allure