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Amber Summer in How To Tame an Impure Brat – Brat Tamer


Amber thinks she’s doing the girls in her school a favor by shaming them, but school counselor Donnie knows he must put an end to Amber’s bratty attitude. He enrolls Amber into the Brat Tamer program, where she will be pushed to her absolute limits. The end goal is to use humiliation and submission to alter Amber’s behavior and show her who is truly in charge. The program goes off without a hitch and immediately tries Amber’s sexual ability. Donnie plays with the petite girl’s sensitive body and puts her in a completely submissive position. Amber begins to enjoy this new submissive side of herself. She’s never been pushed this way before, and being the one put down turns her on immensely. Things get especially kinky when Donnie calls in Amber’s stepdad, Robby. Donnie shows Robby just how he should be treating his stepdaughter at home if he wants her behavior to keep improving. The two men fuck Amber hard, pounding her pussy until Amber submits to them entirely.

Date: June 3, 2024
Actors: Amber Summer