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Bad Milfs – Artemisia Love and Alexa Payne in Double Cougar, Twice as Nice


Jimmy has his work cut out for him when both his stepaunt and stepmom start coming on to him. His stepaunt, Alexa Payne, is looking for a young stud’s cock, as it feels way better than any cock an older guy can give. But Jimmy’s stepmom, Artemisia Love, is weary of Alexa and does what she can to keep Alexa away. Alexa finds her way to Jimmy anyway and starts stroking his cock, showing the guy what an older woman can do. When Artemisia sees this, she has no choice but to show Jimmy that she has the only pussy he’ll ever need, and if he’s horny, he can fuck her instead. Things get even more intense when Artemisia and Alexa battle it out head to head. Now, Jimmy has to please both milfs, using his cock to please his stepmom and stepaunt simultaneously.

Date: June 29, 2024