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Buddy System with Dee Williams – Pure Taboo


Two earnest and religious young men, Adam (Josh Rivers) and James (Celtic Iron), approach a house to spread word of their faith. James, who is mentoring Adam as a newbie, talks about getting to know each other and the buddy system for their door-to-door work. James explains how the buddy system is meant to keep each other on the straight and narrow, built on trust and support.

The men knock on the door, though Adam seems confused about why they’re visiting that house in particular. James insists he knows the homeowner and that it’ll be a great teaching moment. The homeowner, Mrs. Carson (Dee Williams), pleasantly answers and invites them in.

Mrs. Carson leads the men into the living room, then excuses herself to get refreshments. While she’s gone, it’s revealed that James visits Mrs. Carson a lot, which confuses Adam since she doesn’t seem interested in being converted. James casually explains that because of their buddy system, they can do whatever they want since it’s only between THEM. Adam is confused about what James is getting at, then shocked when Mrs. Carson returns wearing an open robe and sexy lingerie.

James explains that he and his previous buddy regularly had sex with Mrs. Carson, and he obviously wants him and Adam to continue the tradition. Mrs. Carson is eager and comes onto them, trying to entice Adam to join in on the fun. Although Adam seems tempted, he resists, trying to stay on the straight and narrow. He promises that he won’t say anything unless asked, but that he won’t participate…

James seems satisfied with this and ravishes Mrs. Carson while Adam nervously waits nearby. Although Adam tries to avoid all temptation, he starts to get aroused and begins watching them. When Mrs. Carson catches his curious looks, she invites them to join. Will Adam’s faith be enough to save him?

Date: April 3, 2024
Actors: Dee Williams