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Candy Kiss Killer featuring Gal Ritchie – Lucid Flix


Flannery Mustard (Gal Ritchie), an unpopular college girl, learns a secret involving the disappearance of Eliza, a highly popular student. In a surprising turn of events, Flannery is presented with an enticing offer: if she agrees to keep this secret hidden, she will undergo a complete transformation, becoming the most attractive girl in the entire school and assuming the new identity of Rosetta. Concealing her true self, Rosetta successfully deceives everyone, including her new boyfriend, Dominic (Seth Gamble), who happens to be Eliza’s former boyfriend. As Rosetta gives in to Dominic’s sexual advances while taking control with some light bondage, he accidentally uncovers her true name, prompting Rosetta to subject him to the same fate as Eliza.

Date: June 17, 2024
Actors: Gal Ritchie