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Christy Love in Is There a Doctor in the House? – Tiger Moms


Christy Love is not a fan of her stepson’s life choices. If Christy had it her way, Max would be a doctor and would take care of her for the rest of his life. But Max is distracted by his girlfriend, and Christy believes the chick has filled Max’s head with dreams and nonsense. Not to worry, though. Christy is the type of Asian mom who knows how to use discipline as well as rewards to get someone back in line. The Tiger Mom tells Max she can do whatever his girlfriend can do and more. She gets down on her knees and starts blowing her stepson. Max knows this whole situation is fucked up, but the way his stepmom sucks his cock is like nothing he’s ever experienced before. She knows how to use her tongue so delicately, and her lips wrap around his cock as though she’s been practicing for this moment forever. When Max is about to cum, Christy stops and won’t let Max cum until he comes home with better grades. Soon, Christy’s prowess over Max proves to be all too powerful. She has Max wrapped around her finger, and all of her stern and dominating actions have worked in her favor. When Max reveals that his grades are up and that he dumped his girlfriend, Christy rewards him with her body. Since he doesn’t have anyone to fuck anymore, Max will just have to use Christy’s pussy. Ever since the first blowjob, Max had hoped there would come a day when he could fuck his stepmom. As fucked up as it sounded, he looked forward to fucking his stepmom way more than his girlfriend. Christy shows her stepson how a real woman takes cock. She lets him fuck hard and rubs her clit until she’s squirting all over his dick and the living room floor. Max is stunned by how horny and kinky his stepmom is. He’d never seen this side of her until recently, and it was a massive turn-on in the most taboo way. Christy continues to soak Max with her juices, bouncing up and down on his cock while splashing everywhere. Max can’t hold his shot any longer and busts a big load on his stepmom’s face. She looks incredible, drenched in cum and her own juices, and Max knows if they keep this up, he’ll never have to find a girlfriend ever again.

Date: April 11, 2024
Actors: Christy Love