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I Can Still Be Your Boyfriend Stepsis – Season 3, Episode 2 Haley Spades, Lucky Fae


This season on Lil Sis we’re running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today’s caller is Lucky Fae, who has a brand new stepdad. The problem is that Lucky and his new stepsister Haley Spades have been getting close. On movie dates their parents set up, the pair had begun making out and getting hot and heavy.

Once their parents surprised them by eloping, Haley told Lucky that it made her even more wet to think of fucking her stepbrother. Her pussy was indeed juicy as hell when Lucky got her pants off to lick and finger bang her. Haley went ahead and delivered a blowjob that left nothing to the imagination, leaving both of the new stepsiblings primed to get together.

Climbing on top of Lucky’s hardon, Haley rode him in cowgirl. Then she let him dick her down in doggy while she moaned in delight. Lucky describes how he took Haley nice and deep on her back before blowing his load in her face as she squealed and urged him on. Just as Alex is in the midst of assuring Lucky that it sounds like he and his stepsis have a totally normal relationship and that he shouldn’t let labels stop them, he hears his parents coming home and leaves the call.

Date: March 10, 2024
Actors: Haley Spades