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Join Us or I’ll Tell introducing Kylie Rocket and Ryan Reid – Sis Love Me


Ryan Reid is visiting Kylie for Spring Break. They plan to party all day long and get laid, but Kylie Rocket’s stupid stepbrother Mike is always spying on them. Acting like a real creep, Mike lusts over the girls’ luscious bodies constantly and won’t stop pestering them. One night, he starts recording them while they talk about having sex until they find out. Threatening to tell their mom, Kylie convinces her little stepbro to pull out his cock and give them a little preview of what’s to come for Spring Break. Nervous, Mike swipes out his juicy dick and gets the blowjob of his life from her little stepsis and her bestie. Mike has now become the girls’ sex slave and will have to do exactly as he’s told to avoid getting into trouble. The next day, Kyle and Ryan are sunbathing when Mike shows up. His new task will be to rub some suncream on them, the perfect excuse for Mike’s hands to reach for the girls’ stavin’ pussies and add a little extra finger for fun. The scene ends with Ryan and Kylie making out hard while rubbing their pussies with a little extra hand from Mike. Finally, Ryan has to go back home, but both she and her BFF want to end this visit with a bang. Surprising Mike with a new and hot makeout session, they invite him to a hot threesome–the boy’s ultimate chance to pound her stepsister and her best friend’s pussies!

Date: March 30, 2024