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Kloe Saint in Lessons He’ll Never Forget – Oye Mami


Tommy is having some trouble focusing in school. He’s constantly anxious about his tests and is worried his focus will cause his grades to drop. Luckily for him, his teacher, Kloe Saint, is full of surprises, and she knows how to help guys with their focus. Her methods are a little unorthodox, but what else would you expect from a stunning Latina milf? Her loca idea is to get Tommy to cum, because if he can get his mind off of blowing a load, he’ll be more well-equipped to focus in class. The mamacita gets right to sucking Tommy’s cock, instructing him to lie on his back while she puts her mouth to work. Her plan is working like a charm, and Tommy can already feel his focus improving. He pumps his hot teacher’s pussy full of cock, letting his shaft slide in between her dripping-wet lips. She rides Tommy and plays with her magnificent tits, enjoying her lesson just as must as Tommy. When he can no longer hold his load, Tommy cums in Kloe’s mouth, filling it up with a hot sticky mess.

Date: May 12, 2024
Actors: Kloe Saint