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Laney Grey Cucked By My Own Doc – Devils Film


Laney Grey has an appointment with her new gynecologist. As she waits for the doctor in the examination room, she asks her husband, Jack Hunter, why he’s in here – it’s not like she needs him hanging around for a simple checkup. Jack replies that he’s not sure he trusts this doctor… a MALE gynecologist?? Laney thinks Jack is being ridiculous, and tells him not to embarrass her.

The gynecologist, Dr. Seth Gamble, then enters the room. He begins to examine Laney, fingering her pussy and commenting on how tight she is, and also rubbing her clit to ‘test the sensitivity’. As Laney moans in pleasure, Jack gets annoyed, but Seth insists that he’s a trained professional. Laney is displeased with Jack’s interruption, and encourages Seth to keep going.

Seth says that he’s going to do a taste test next, and proceeds to eat out Laney’s pussy. Jack freaks out, but Laney enthusiastically encourages Seth to keep going. Seth then says he’d like to probe Laney more deeply for a more thorough examination. Laney eagerly agrees, leaving Jack watching in disbelief as Seth has sex with her!

Date: March 30, 2024
Actors: Laney Grey