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Lauren Phillips , Summer Hart and Scarlet Skies in Red Hot Summer – Milfty


Lauren Phillips and Summer Hart are no strangers to erotic and kinky lifestyles. They’ve put themselves in many risque situations in the past, and as lesbian lovers looking to keep things thrilling, they’re always on the hunt for younger hotties to mess around with. They get the perfect opportunity when they agree to host foreign exchange students Scarlet Skies and Jayden, who happen to be stepsiblings. These two have no idea what is in store for them when they sign up to live with Summer and Lauren, but it doesn’t take long for them to find out. The milfs quickly show Scarlet and Jayden just how excited they are to have them in their home. The step-siblings are shocked when Lauren and Summer show off their bodies and start coming on to them. Scarlet knows they shouldn’t get tangled up in a sexual relationship with their hosts, let alone her stepbrother. But Jayden is much more open to the idea, and he’s feeling extremely horny for the milfs and his stepsis. The seed has been planted, and now he wants to have an intense four-way and get his balls drained. When he finally gets his chance, Scarlet sees why Jayden has wanted to go all the way. The young redhead gives in to her lust and lets Lauren, Summer, and Jayden take her. This kinky foursome is precisely the naughty adventure the lesbian milfs have been looking for, and they couldn’t be happier that Jayden and Scarlet have submitted to their lust. Jayden fucks the babes hard and makes sure to please all of them. He has some help, as the experienced milfs make sure always to please each other and Scarlet, ensuring everyone has attention and love. Jayden cums for the babes, who then share a cummy kiss and swap his load between themselves. This is truly a summer the four of them will remember forever.

Date: June 18, 2024