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Madison Blaze and Daya Dare in Balls Out Swap – Mom Swap


Daya Dare and Madison Blaze plan to surprise their stepsons, Jimmy and Joshua, with NBA finals tickets. Daya breaks the good news to Jimmy, her friend’s stepson, who is beyond elated. Daya goes to find Madison and Joshua, only to witness the unimaginable. Daya can’t believe what she’s seeing – her stepson and her friend going at it in the locker room shower. Jimmy stops Daya from interrupting them, and as a way of settling things, he proposes that he and Daya have some fun of their own. She agrees, and Jimmy and her get to work. This time, Daya and Jimmy get caught by Joshua and Madison. With everyone now on the hook, it makes sense that both milfs finish their fun. Jimmy will continue fucking around with Daya, and Joshua will keep having fun with Madison. The group sex is kinky and exciting, but things get even more wild when Daya starts sucking Joshua’s cock. Joshua can’t believe his own stepmom is there naked with his cock in her mouth. The excitement keeps climbing as the guys get to experience a full-on MomSwap. Fucking their own stepmoms is simply outstanding, and the guys fuck the milfs hard until they both get to shoot their loads.

Date: June 7, 2024