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Mia James in Case No. 6615441 – Banging the Band – Shoplyfter Mylf


When Mia James and company are suspected of shoplifting, loss prevention officer Mike brings them to the store’s back office for interrogation. Axel, Dylan, and Rion are trying to start a band, and Mia wants to get their musical journey off the ground. But when she uses a fake credit card to pay for their equipment, things take a wild turn. Mike strip-searches Mia in front of Rion and his friends, and the boys can’t help but admire her rocking body. Rion doesn’t want his friends staring at his stepmom’s tits, but even he can’t help but lust for her when her naked body is so enticing. Mike has Axel and Dylan assist him in the cavity search, and this turns into Mia sucking off all four guys and getting her body passed around. Mike teaches Mia why she should never shoplift, and the three young studs get their chance to fuck an incredibly hot milf. This story will live on for decades in band lore as the time the band got to gangbang a milf that happened to be Rion’s stepmom.

Date: June 2, 2024
Actors: Mia James