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Nickey Huntsman in Nothing Beats Vacation – Perv Mom


Nick and his stepmom, Nickey Huntsman, can’t wait to soak up some sun on their vacation getaway. Nick is admittedly a little shy because his dad won’t be there, which means he’ll be all alone with his stepmom, and she’s a total milf. Still, he’s excited to let loose and have fun, and whatever happens happens. However, things get weird quickly when Nick walks in on his mom pleasuring herself with a dildo. He can’t believe she’d even bring something like that on their vacation – especially when they’re sharing a room. Why was she so horny, and why can’t he look away? The sexual tension Nick has for his stepmom builds. Later, by the pool, Nick applies sunscreen to his stepmom, and she can’t stop moaning at his touch. He confronts Nickey and admits to seeing her play with herself. She knows that she needs to confess about all the dirty thoughts she’s been having and tell Nick about how horny she’s been. Nickey pulls Nick into the bathroom and sucks his cock. It’s way bigger than his father’s, and she shows Nick how a real, mature woman sucks cock. She fits his shaft down her throat effortlessly despite Nick’s impressive size. Now that Nickey and Nick have had a taste of one another, they know it’s only a matter of time before they fuck. The anticipation mounts, and soon, they give in to their desires. They know they shouldn’t be fucking around as a stepmom and a stepson, but their lust is too great to ignore. Nick pumps his stepmother’s pussy, filling it with every inch of his dick. She looks incredible, taking his cock with her perfect tits bouncing delicately as she rides him. Nick holds on for as long as he can before he busts his load for his stepmom. He feels closer than ever to her and can’t wait to fuck again.

Date: June 19, 2024
Actors: Nickey Huntsman