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Nicole Aria in Can’t Help Being a Ho – Teen Pies


Nicole Aria can’t stand her strict father anymore. She’s at that age where her sexual desire has awakened, and she needs to feel confident about her sweet body and lusciously-grown tits and butt. Yet, her dad doesn’t allow her to wear modern clothes, date, or even hang out with her friends! He just doesn’t realize his daughter is a slut, and Nicole wants to make him understand. She knows the only way to do it is to materialize his worst fears. When her father’s friend Danny shows up at their house to repair a leak, Nicole wears a provocative dress and starts flirting with him. Danny does his best to stay responsible, but the stunning girl dazzles him with her curvy figure and round ass. Plus, she rubs Danny’s crotch whenever she gets the chance. Danny looks at his friend’s daughter with lust, trying to be responsible. Finally, he can’t take it anymore and succumbs to temptation. Lying under the kitchen sink, Danny gets his cock chugged by his best friend’s baby girl. The horny chick savors Danny’s cock til she wants to sit on it. Now on top of her dad’s friend, Nicole bounces over Danny to feel his dick deep inside of her. Danny then takes the lead to fuck her over the kitchen counter and on his friend’s bed. Nicole grins with joy as she encourages Danny to pound her harder, materializing her Dad’s worst fears: she’s sexualized, fucked and filled with cum!

Date: March 4, 2024
Actors: Nicole Aria