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Raunchy Realtor with Bianca Beauchamp – Mommys Boy


Bianca Beauchamp is desperate to get her lazy stepson, Parker Savage, out of the house once and for all. All he does is lay about all day, eating food and playing video games. Enough is enough. That boy needs to spread his wings and get out in the big wide world- and if he isn’t going to find a way to do that, then his stepmom certainly will!

As it so happens, Bianca is a very successful realtor. So, when she starts representing a listing that would be perfect for her stepson, she decides to give him the tour. Unfortunately for her, Parker doesn’t seem the least bit interested in the rental. No matter what Bianca says to convince him, he simply shrugs, not wanting to leave the nest just yet.

Bianca is totally frustrated, to say the least… but sees an opportunity when Parker makes a wild suggestion. If he’s going to leave home and go out on his own, then maybe Bianca can make this sudden transition worthwhile for him… and since they ARE near a bed right now, maybe he and Bianca could get frisky together? That would DEFINITELY motivate him to get his head in the game and make some serious life changes. Bianco can’t believe her ears, but she wants nothing more than for her stepson to get his life in order, so she accepts. They have naughty, playful sex right there in the rental’s bedroom. Guess that’s ONE way to christen Parker’s new bed!

Date: June 6, 2024