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Selina Bentz and Sona Bella in Nerdy Girls’ Book & Fuck Club – Freeuse Fantasy


Sona Bella and Selina Bentz are two shy schoolgirls trying to meet up with people by starting a book club. The two start brainstorming some ideas when her favorite teacher, Mr. Rock, passes by. The sweet guy helps them come up with a plan to open up their club while freeusing them. The girls suck Mr. Rock’s cock while discussing what books should they read at the club, where to get them, etc. Soon, the book club is open, and sadly, no one comes. Lucky for Selina and Sona, Mr. Rock is there to root for his favorite students, and what better way to show them his support than pounding the girls’ pussies while discussing the latest book they read

Date: April 9, 2024