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Sometimes Blake Just Doesn’t Understand Him… (2020) with Blake Blossom – Dick Drainers


whether its in the classroom, when it comes to outfits to wear, everything! Which is why the fact that she’s confused now really scares her.

And what’s she confused about? A guy of all things. Unbelievable right?? You see, Blake has a boyfriend. And he’s the greatest. Smart, handsome, driven…freaky….

Their relationship has been pretty good for a while now. But right when the month started….he started actin a little strange…being distant….snapping at her…hiding his laundry…and avoiding her questions about their future. Frankly, he’s not acting like himself at all.

Is he having trouble at work? Is he cheating on her? The possibilities run through her head endlessly and confusing. And Blake DOES NOT like being confused.

All these thoughts are running through her head and pouring out her mouth as she vents to her best friend. It’s late but she can’t sleep, and she’s hoping that expressing her thoughts will lead to some clarity and peace of mind about her relationship. So focused is Blake on this conversation….that she doesn’t hear that scraping sound…

Date: May 19, 2024
Actors: Blake Blossom