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Swap To Make Amends – Natalie Brooks and Roxie Sinner – Daughter Swap


Roxie Sinner and Pierce are always bickering, and that’s no way for a stepdad and a stepdaughter to behave. To mend their relationship, they seek help from Quinton and Natalie. Quinton is trained in helping families get their acts together, and his stepdaughter Natalie is always there to help. Quinton’s methods are beyond unorthodox, but somehow, he always knows the solution. Quinton’s tactics for Roxie and Pierce continue to become more and more sexual until, eventually, he has the two right up against one another, with Pierce’s cock essentially edging Roxie’s pussy. Pierce has to try not to get hard while Roxie’s perfect tits are pressed up against him. It’s a wild sensation, being skin-to-skin with his stepdaughter, and both Roxie and Pierce are feeling turned on, even though they know it’s wrong. To make the exercise a little easier, Quinton proposes a Daughter Swap. Pierce can get comfy and sexual with Natalie, while Quinton gives Roxie attention. Soon, both girls are sucking cock, and it isn’t long after that they’re riding cock. When Roxie and Pierce feel ready, they swap back, so now Pierce will have the opportunity to fuck his own stepdaughter. They know it’s taboo, but the exercise brings them closer than ever.

Date: May 29, 2024