SweetSinner The Puppeteer - Part 2: Secrets & Revelations

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Description: After Hannah's (India Summer) patient, Ethan (Small Hands), shares some revealing journals about his obsession with her, she confides in him one of her own dark secrets. She holds the winning lottery ticket for the $900 million jackpot but is terrified that her husband might try to claim it as his own, or worse, kill her if he finds out! Vulnerable and afraid for her safety, Hannah seeks comfort in Ethan's strong arms and the two lose themselves in one another right there in her therapy office. Under the care of a much more experienced, older woman, Ethan can't control his raging hard-on, fucking his therapist with the pent-up frustration he's felt for years. Finally he's got the pussy he's always dreamt of - and as he fucks his frustration out on her little hole, he quickly brings them to a very well deserved climax.
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Models: India Summer