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Balls Out in the Fallout with Gypsy Rose – Dadcrush


Gypsy Rose, Elias, and Romeo are all citizens in a post-apocalyptic world. The confines of The Vault have kept them safe, but now, as activity stirs and families become active again, many people have their eyes on Gypsy. She’s a tight young babe with lots of breeding potential, and her pussy is priority number one for many men. Elias and Romeo, her stepbrother and stepfather, want to keep Gypsy for themselves. Were she to leave them, they’d be distraught. Daddy loves his girl, and seeing his stepdaughter with another man would ruin Romeo. Gypsy proves to Elias and Romeo how much she wants to stay when she sucks their cocks, but if she really wants to stay with them forever, they’ll need to take her virginity. Taking her purity will surely mean she’s bound to them. Gypsy lets her stepbrother and her stepdad go to town on her pussy. They fill her up and push themselves deep inside of her, fucking her hard until they can’t hold their loads any longer. The men bust big creamy loads for the sweet babe.

Date: June 28, 2024
Actors: Gypsy Rose