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Myra Moans and Angel Windell in We Should Be Friends Instead – Dadcrush


Angel Windell and Myra moans don’t always get along – in fact, these stepsisters are constantly fighting and making each other’s lives a nightmare. Their stepparents, Kaylee and Jay, are tired of the girls’ bickering and want to find a way to come to a peaceful resolution. Kaylee is especially tired of her stepdaughters’ constant fighting and demands Jay put an end to it all. Jay agrees and tries talking with the girls. But when Kaylee finds Jay’s approach to be too lighthanded, she storms off, leaving Jay, Angel, and Myra alone. The girls feel awful that their unruly actions have caused their stepmom to walk away. Jay grounds both girls and tells them the longer they fight, the longer they’ll be punished. All they want to do now is make it up to Jay and prove they can get along. Angel and Myra dress in skimpy lingerie and kneel before their stepdad. They begin to rub his cock, which they can feel stiffening under his shorts. Jay knows this situation is super fucked up, but how is he supposed to resist two young babes who want his dick inside of them? He knows he should say no, and that this will only encourage his stepdaughters to be slutty, but the girls are getting him hard with their dirty talk. Jay tells the girls they’ll have to share, which they have no issues with. They get right to sucking his cock, taking turns fitting his shaft in their mouths. It’s an incredible feeling for Jay, getting his dick sucked by his stepdaughter’s. It’s easily the most taboo thing he’s ever done, and despite it being wrong on so many levels, it’s easily the best blowjob he’s ever had. The girls suck like pros, choking on his cock, stroking his shaft, and sucking his ballsack. They’re having a lot of fun getting along, and it turns out sharing can be easy when dick is involved. The girls take their lingerie off, and Angel is the first bad girl to ride her stepdaddy’s cock. Sucking his cock has made her super wet, and she slides onto his dick with ease. Jay can’t believe he’s fucking his stepdaughter, and he knows if his wife ever finds out, he’s in big trouble. But he doesn’t care about that right now – all he wants to focus on is pounding his stepdaughter’s tight, sweet pussy. Myra watches her stepsister get fucked by their stepdaddy, and although she’s jealous, she’s immensely turned on, and she knows she’ll get her turn soon. Angel licks her own juices off of her stepdad’s cock and gets him nice and slick so Myra can hop on for a ride. Myra’s pussy is just as immaculate as her stepsister’s, and Jay fucks the sweet chick hard. She looks like a saint as she rides her stepdad’s cock, and it’s a feeling they both wish could last forever. The threesome continues with Jay fucking Angel while she eats Myra’s pussy. Seeing the girls learn to get along warms Jay’s heart – and their pussies warm his cock. Jay busts a massive load for Angel and Myra. He pumps their mouths and faces full of cum, and the girls make out to swap his load between them. This union is precisely the type of behavior Jay needs to see from his stepdaughters.

Date: March 20, 2024