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Kelsey Kane in Breeding Journal – Breeding Material


Kelsey Kane can hardly manage her sexual appetite. She has been writing a diary for a while now where she conceals all of her nasty fantasies. Her latest obsession is her boyfriend Donnie’s semen. Kelsey wants him to cream all over her pussy until her belly is swollen. She needs to feel Donnie’s cock deep inside of her while shooting his creamy load. She wants him to use her as a fuck hole, owning her cunt and fucking it up ‘til she’s pregnant with his seed. All of these breeding wet dreams live in Kelsey’s imagination, unable to tell Donnie how she truly feels about him not pulling out. However, everything is about to change as the guy finds Kelsey’s diary and reads through it. Donnie just can’t believe how desperate for cum his girlfriend is, giving graphic descriptions about how she yearns for being impregnated. Feeling the luckiest man in the world, he decides to turn Kelsey’s fantasies into reality by using her body as a fuck-toy and filling her hole with meat and man milk. Tied up and without any control of her movements, Kelsey is about to be bred into submission until her pussy cannot take more jizz.

Date: May 10, 2024
Actors: Kelsey Kane