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Scarlett Alexis and Molly Manning in Ripe for the Taking Part 3: Parting Gift – Breeding Material


Ripe for the Taking (Part 3 of 3): Scarlett Alexis is starting to catch on to the fact that her new godparents may have ulterior motives. Ryan and Molly are always acting odd around her, and her new stepbrothers, Apollo and Jay, seem to want to tell her something they’re not supposed to. Molly is getting impatient trying to take back Scarlett’s fortune, so Ryan steps in to speed up the process. Ryan knows how to make Scarlett feel extra special. He knows she’s only been with young studs, but he wants to show Scarlett how a real, older man treats a girl. And by that, Ryan wants to breed Scarlett to show her she’ll always be a part of their family no matter what. Sex is still new to Scarlett, so the idea of someone cumming in her seems intense, but it also sounds thrilling and kinky. Ryan eats Scarlett’s pussy, getting her horny and wet before taking her. The sweet babe rides Ryan’s cock hard, letting him pound her pussy hard. She does everything she can to bring Ryan to a sensational climax. Ryan busts his load and fills Scarlett up with his seed. When Scarlett finds Ryan’s phone, she discovers their plan about trying to steal her money. She storms out of the house, attempting to escape her new family’s vile plan. With Ryan’s cum still deep inside Scarlett’s pussy, he knows she’ll be back one way or another.

Date: April 11, 2024