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Sage Pillar and Brooke Barclays in What She Needs – Perv Mom


Sage Pillar has devoted herself to her role as a stepmother and hasn’t looked after herself. Her friend Brooke tells her she can be the perfect stepmom while still taking care of her needs. The hot milf convinces her friend to let herself loose and enjoy a tender lesbian moment together with a nice dildo. While the two ladies are wild at it, Austin, Sage’s stepson, overhears the whole conversation and watches the whole scene from a distance. The next day, Austin is shocked to find Brooke is over at his house again, relaxing and drinking coffee. The boy confronts her about his stepmom’s issues, telling her that he wants to help her feel sexy again. Brooke is moved to hear Austin’s words and rewards him with a hot blowjob. Suddenly, Sage comes in. Disgusted to see his stepson’s dick, she tries to stop the whole scene, but when Brooke explains Austin’s true intentions, she’s also touched by her boy’s gesture, joining her friend to suck his cock. Now, Austin is fixated on the two ladies and cannot think about anything else. He is desperate to fuck them both at the same time, a plan that both gals get on board with. Now in the bedroom, it’s time for Sage to see what it’s like to feel her stepson’s meat inside of her with the help of her best friend.

Date: May 21, 2024