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Sophia West in Your Employee Benefit Package – Secrets


Sophia West has taken Conor, a young assistant, under her wing and tries to teach him how to thrive in the workplace. One night, the hot blonde invites him over to her place so they can prepare a presentation. Noticing he’s not motivated enough, Sophia pulls out her tits and gives the boy a nice blowjob. Now fully focused, Conor goes the extra mile at work, but he’s a bit concerned about his boss’ horny habits. Plus, he’s married and he can’t really go fucking around. Sophia reassures him by telling him that this is the best way to be successful in the office. Once again, Conor finds himself getting sucked off by the hot milf. Now, the guy wants to fuck him desperately and will take no for an answer. Proud of her assistant’s improvements, Sophia lets Conor pound her pussy as part of his employee benefit package.

Date: May 17, 2024
Actors: Sophia West