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Homeless In A Sports Car Catches Gold Digger Kama Oxi – Only Tarts


Kama Oxi is out doing some shopping and enjoying a lovely day. She encounters a homeless man and doesn’t even give him a second glance. He chases her down and tells her that he is actually rich and is conducting a social experiment. She is skeptical, but he shows her his car and invites her inside. Her opinion of him changes rapidly and she happily accepts when he invites her back to his place. The apartment is even more impressive than the sports car and she is happy to show him her tight, sexy body when he asks. He likes what he sees and pulls out his cock. It is just as impressive as his home and car so she sucks on it until his moans tell her that he is ready for more. She pulls off her panties and is surprised as he aggressively bends her over the table and slides every inch into her wet pink slit. He is a good fuck and every time he thrusts, she looks around and wonders just how much money he has. This guy might be perfect for her. He flips her over, eats her out and then shoves his meat back into her while grabbing her neck. She doesn’t usually like it rough, but for a guy like this, she is willing to do anything. He gives it to her hard, but also has enough cock for her ride until she creams all over him. When he tells her to kneel, she knows what he wants. She almost never lets guys cum on her face, but for this rich stud, she opens wide and feels the blast from his balls. Kama is happy and ready to be his girlfriend, but he kicks her out. He has no use for gold digging sluts.

Date: June 14, 2024
Actors: Kama Oxi