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My Cuckold Doesn’t Mind Me Taking Work Home featuring Leanne Lace – Only Tarts


Leanne Lace has been dating a new guy for a short while. They have a good time together and she decides it is time to invite him over. He is impressed with her lovely house, but can’t understand how she can afford such a place just from her job as an assistant. She tells him to forget about it, but the more she avoids the question, the more he insists. Finally she agrees to show him, but tells him he has to wait in the other room. Leanne comes out dressed in a very sexy outfit. Her boyfriend is confused, but moments later her boss walks into the room. Both men are confused, but Leanne sets everything straight by making her boyfriend sit down while she gets on the table and lifts her dress for her boss. She works for him and is also his favorite fuck toy. All her boyfriend can do is watch as her boss takes out his big cock and lets her suck it. He is big and hard so his deep thrusts fill her up and make Leanne moan in ways her boyfriend never hears. They fuck right in front of him and don’t even care. Lean loves having her man watch helplessly almost as much as she loves her handsome boss’ big cock stretching out her pussy. This is how she got her job and how she keeps it. She takes that huge cock twice a week and sucks her boss off any time he asks. Something else she does for her boss that she never does for her boyfriend is swallowing his cum. Her man kneels beside her and gets a good view as he pumps his semen into her mouth and covers her face. She loves her new job and her boss’ cock even more than she loves her boyfriend.

Date: June 3, 2024
Actors: Leanne Lace