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Hot Mathheads introducing Kate Quinn – Only Tarts


Kate Quinn has always been a good student and has been tutoring her boyfriend in math. Even with her help, he is still really struggling so she decides to ask her professor for some additional assistance. The professor had been one of Kate’s favourite teachers and always did well in his classes, so he is happy to help. When she is alone with her boyfriend, Kate confesses to having a crush on the handsome older man. She tells him to trust her and not to be jealous. Confused, he watches as she changes her outfit in front of him. Slipping into a special outfit she bought just for him, Kate is showing off her body when the professor returns. He clearly likes what he sees and she takes full advantage, dropping to her knees and taking his cock out of his pants. She gets it nice and wet and tells him that she wants to fuck him and also wants her boyfriend to pass his class. Her boyfriend is happy about the news and eager to join in the fun. Kate is happy to satisfy both men with her mouth. She is surprised when the professor picks her petite body up and fucks her in midair. The men seem to be in a bit of a competition to see who can fuck her best and that means more pleasure for her tight teenage holes. When her boyfriend gets a little too eager and cums in her pussy, his professor immediately wants to follow. Kate gets a second load inside of her hot slit and can’t stop cumming from just how naughty and hot it is to bang them both

Date: May 12, 2024
Actors: Kate Quinn