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You’re Always Late, Honey starring Tiffany Tatum – Only Tarts


Tiffany Tatum has been dating her boyfriend for quite some time and things have been perfect so far. She seems to have found a true soulmate, who is both handsome and generous. The only fly in the ointment is that he has a new job and irregular working hours. Tiffany likes to go out and it freaks her out when her boyfriend can’t make it on time because of his job. Today she has prepared something special for their date and is waiting impatiently for the evening to start. She becomes furious when her boyfriend tells her he is late again because of the work meeting. Tiffany decides to call his boss and ask to let him go earlier, otherwise she may need a replacement. Right in the middle of her angry thoughts, the boyfriend’s boss rings the doorbell. He is shocked to see the sexy girl so upset and half-naked, but he quickly gets the point. He doesn’t want to disappoint her and takes out his cock. Tiffany can’t believe how much bigger his cock is and how hard it is as it slides down her throat. She is no longer interested in her boyfriend and once he is back home, he objects to what is going on and begs her to give him another chance, but she pushes him away. He can stay and watch though if he wants. Tiffany bends over to take the boss’s big stiff prick right into her tight pussy. As she rides him, she realises that she doesn´t want him to stop fucking her. With her boyfriend watching, she is lost in her own orgasm and doesn’t see the boss shooting a big load into her pussy. Well, now Tiffany’s boyfriend knows what’s the price of being late for your date. Read less

Date: June 16, 2024
Actors: Tiffany Tatum